Young couple in Chengdu made out on the spot after knocking down three construction workers and killed one

Alia | August 23rd, 2012 - 8:19 pm

No need for DUI tests, they were definitely drunk or high on something else. Earlier this week in Chengdu, Li Yalei and who seemed to be his girlfriend knocked down 3 road construction workers on Erhuan Road, Chengdu, in their white KIA, leaving one dead and two severely injured. This would be another car accident in a million if Li Yalei and the girl in red dress haven’t made out on the spot while the dead was still lying on the ground a few steps away.

At the scene of the deadly accident, the driver and his girlfriend was sharing several hot kissed

A road construction workers was hit dead. 

And that’s not all. After police and journalists came, Li Yalei, probably back to his conscience, covered his face and hid away from the camera. The girl, on the other hand, excitedly waved her hands in the air and shouted to the camera: “Record me! Record me! Lah-lah-lah-lah!”

Girl in red shouted and waved in front of the camera. 

Afterwards at the police station, Li was found to be only 19 years old. To make things worse, not only was he driving drunk, he was also driving without a drivers’ license. Judging from the KIA the two kids were driving, netizens concluded that it was unlikely that the father of any of them was “Li Gang“, which means they are in big trouble.

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