Young Chinese man’s sweet life with his anime girlfriend went viral

Alia | February 21st, 2014 - 2:10 am

China has a lot of animation fans, and it’s not uncommon to see someone who finds the two-dimensional world more attractive than the real one. Netizen Li27n is one such example. He has been updating his sweet life with his cute girlfriend on Weibo since early 2013. The only problem is that his girlfriend is hand drawn.

Most of the posts on his Weibo pages consist of a picture of some real-life scene, in which a hand-drawn girl with specially designed outfits and gestures catered to each scene is photoshopped in. Accompanying the picture is usually a brief description of what the scenario is, sometimes, with conversations between the author himself and the animated girl, who he calls his “girlfriend.”

Many netizens thought he was pathetic, but others wished him and his girlfriend a happily ever after. Well…who knows, the girl may not give him a happily ever after, but at least, he already published a collection of his drawings under the title “Two Dimensional Girlfriend”, thanks to his popularity online. 

“I drew myself a lovely girlfriend.”


“She insisted that I took her to the theaters. Picture of her before the movie started.”


“Just finished dinner with my girlfriend. This is the first time that we ate together. I took a picture of the moment. Isn’t she cute?”


“Went to hiking with my girlfriend. So tired but very healthy.”


“We finally held hands. My heart was beating so hard.”


“My girlfriend was drunk. Good night, everybody.”


“My girlfriend is going to study in Japan. I’m sad, in tears.”


“She was studying in the library.”


“Don’t feel sorry for me, ok?! Look, I just bought a drum for my girlfriend. She seemed to like it. Isn’t she cute in pajamas?”


“My girlfriend was trying to take away my pen because she thought I spent too much time drawing and left little time for her.”


“Went to a hair salon with my girlfriend. Such a long line!”


“Her new haircut!”


“She graduated!”


“It’s my birthday and my girlfriend got me a cake. So happy!”


“My girlfriend was waiting for me in the bathtub.”


“My girlfriend and I had been watching TV at home for several days. Ah, don’t take away my blanket!”


“My girlfriend took out this when I stepped into the room. Is it for me? Thank you!” 


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5 Responses to “Young Chinese man’s sweet life with his anime girlfriend went viral”

  1. [...] yet but it sounds like AI at its best. Now I come across an article about how a Chinese guy and his anime girlfriend went viral in China. I guess he’ll just have to keep on [...]

  2. La dulce vida de un joven chino y su novia anime…

    China tiene muchos fans de la animación, y no es raro ver a alguien que encuentra el mundo en dos dimensiones más atractivo que el real. El internauta Li27n es uno ejemplo tal. Ha estado actualizando su dulce vida con su bonita novia en Weibo……

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