Who will be American’s next president? Chinese netizens have their answers

Alia | September 6th, 2012 - 4:32 am

Americans apart, there is probably no other group than the Chinese netizens who are more keen on discussing the coming US Presidential Election. Though China will undergo its own power transition at the end of this year, too, there really isn’t much to talk about – everybody knows who will be “elected.” On the other hand, US Presidential Election offers everyone in China a talking point to push their own agenda. It’s the perfect opportunity for the liberals to discuss democracy, voting, human rights and why the US should be seen as a role model for China. The pro-government, at the same time, won’t miss any chance to show that the US is no better than China by emphasizing on all the bashing and personal attacks, the miserable lives of the 99%, as well as possible corruptions. But at the end of day, there has to be a winner.

Who will Chinese netizens vote for? That is the question asked by Hong Huang, CEO of China Interactive Media Group and famous second-generation-red (her mom was the English tutor for Mao). Yesterday, she asked a very simple question to her more than 5 million followers on Sina Weibo: “If you were an American, who would you vote for in November as your president? Obama or Romney? Just think hypothetically.” The nearly 600 responses showed a good variety of what Chinese netizens think about the coming US election.

Obama, Obama, Obama!

The popularity of Obama in China is hardly news – at least, T-shirts, mugs and fried chickens with Obama’s head on them sell well. To many Chinese, young people in particular, Obama is a living example of the American Dream that they can look up to. So no wonder, Obama is favored by many Chinese netizens, though their reasons for voting for Obama ranges from “He’s handsome” to “I’m not the 1% and I like his policies.”

去不了滴那么远: “I’d vote for Obama so that China policies can be consistent.”

Anna王大腕儿: “I simply like Oreo [Obama].”

戴安-Diane: “I’d vote for Obama. Though he’s too liberal, he has a good heart and cares for the poor.”

sunny_piggy: “Obama for he is mild.”

cru_vc: “Obama for sure. He is from grass root background.”

别人手牵手我牵我的狗_夏: “I support Obama. I like handsome guys and I hate Romney’s look.”

凤梨罐头0122: “Obama, because I’m not the 1%.”

比比安77: “I’d vote for Obama because if I were in the US, I’d be an extreme liberal, supporting universal healthcare and abortion, etc.”

纽约小文艺: “Obama because Romney’s policies are too radical.”

yiqiwei: “Obama. Who would vote for someone who believes in an evil religion?”

水印同学: “Obama. He worked his way from the bottom, he is black, he is good at public speech and he looks cute.”

black梁少波: “Obama because he loves NBA.”

When will we be allowed to elect our own presidents?

Whenever there is news about an election in a country, Chinese netizens ask this question. They’ve been asked enough “if you were” questions and they grow more and more thirsty of an opportunity to cast a ballot as a Chinese. But along with this mounting urgent comes a deep frustration and dissatisfaction with what China is today and will be in a foreseeable future.

湖北枣阳龚梦珠: “I don’t know enough to vote for either of them, but I’m so jealous. When Americans excitedly participate in their election, all we have in China are backdoor deals. So pathetic. “

草包邢老九: “Chinese people will never have the right to vote. We do have “the right to vote”, but we don’t have a say on whom we can vote for.”

APPEL敢欺负我就咬你: “Not sure whether someday in my life, I can practice my voting rights in my own country.”

v实话实说v: “The political system in the US ensures that who the president is matters not very much. There will be no difference whatsoever. I care more about my own country.”

初恋的初: “There is no if. We don’t have voting rights in China.”

古北廊人: “We don’t have the right to vote here so we can only “think hypothetically.”

草舍玛丽: “It’s none of my business. The only thing I care about is when I can vote for China’s president.”

凡人老吉: “How dare you, as a Chinese citizen, think about voting, even hypothetically!”

中保投资段玉: “I’d vote for a corrupted Chinese official. Soon the US will be destroyed.”

阿美正传: “When can we vote for our president?”

冰_红茶: “In the US, even if you make a wrong choice, you have a chance to correct your mistake every four years. But in China, if something goes wrong, it can only keep on going in the wrong direction, otherwise the whole society will collapse. The current system in China sucks.”

一路前行_fighting: “In the US, people elect public servants. In China, public services pick people. Think hypothetically? There is nothing to think. You simply don’t have the right.”

Obama, Romney, whatever. It’s evil capitalism.

Just like in the eyes of many Americans, China can never get rid of the image of an evil red commie dictatorship, in the eyes of many Chinese netizens, the US, at heart, is always the imperial mafia overlord who plots against China.

停不了Ellen: “No matter who is the president, the US is still the imperial US. Imperialism is so deeply rooted in American culture that who becomes the next president no longer matters.”

棉棉玖伍: “Whatever, both are bad.”

阳光下的闲鸽子: “What’s the difference? Whoever got elected will serve the interests of the special interest groups behind them. It’s something every American understands. Why we Chinese don’t get it?”

薛原XueYuan: “In a developed country like the US, who is the president doesn’t matter all that much.”

Romney isn’t completely without supporters.

隐机道人: “Romney of course. Obama is just a black commie. All he does is wasting money and talking big only to impress.”

一辉917: “Romney. The same face for 4 years is a bit annoying.”

aimechine: “Romney. It’s fun to have a change.”

沈想想的事: “Romney. Lawyer as president is good in theory but bad in reality.”

井一鸿: “Romney because he will label China as a currency manipulator. I admit that I still think from a Chinese stand point.”



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