Tree house spotted in Shanghai…and then demolished by local authority

Alia | April 14th, 2012 - 11:37 pm

In the past week, several news websites in China reported the story of a tree house in Shanghai (click Mop, Netease or House China for original news in Chinese).  It was a two-floor, one-bedroom, balcony-surrounded, plumbing and power-ready house built in a tree on the deserted land on Shenjiang Road, Jinqiao Town, Shanghai. Builder and owner, the 60-year-old Mr. Huang, is said to be good at sculpturing tree roots and to also know engineering. According to an interview, Mr. huang built the house purely for fun. It took him a total of 2 years and 8000 yuan to finish.

The roof was made of color steel plates and walls of wood boards. Huang set up the structure using wooden as well as steel bars. Except for the transportation of cement, everything else was moved there and built by his own hands.

The house is 14 square meters in total, with a full bathroom with bathtub, a home theater system and an automatic Majiang table. “If the 4 people playing Majiang feel tired, they can just spend the night here. Two people can sleep on the attic floor, and two people downstairs,” said Huang.

The tree house even has a pole on top that resembles of the Shanghai Oriental Pearl. According to Huang, since the roof was made of steel plates, it feels really hot in the house during summer times. So he made the pole with five balls that can dispense water to cool down the house.

Local authorities decided to demolish the house because Huang cannot provide a proper certificate of property right (产权证). [Pictures from Netease]

Huang felt really sad, “They will turn the surrounding land into a public green area. Why can’t they renovate the tree house and keep it? It may become a nice point of interest.”

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