To get friend out of jail, two dudes from Hunan pretend to be UN peacekeeping officers

Alia | May 20th, 2014 - 3:38 pm

Who says Chinese are not creative? These two peasants from the southern province of Hunan are not only creative, but also Oscar-worthy.

It was late afternoon on May 17 in Yueyang, Hunan province, two middle-aged guys stepped into the office of Yuyang prison, with 4 well-prepared “red-head” documents (“Red head” documents are how people call government-issued documents in China): 1) “Response to the request that Mr. Lin be released on medical parole to support his sick mom;” 2) “Notice of medical parole enforcement measures by the Ministry of Justice, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate of China and the Ministry of Public Security;” 3) “Law on Protection of the Rights and Interests of the Elderly;” 4) “Environmental Protection Law of China.”

Their mission of the day was to get their friend, a Mr. Lin, out of jail: “We are here to request Mr. Lin’s release for medical treatment. The release has been approved by China’s top leaders. Give him to us so that we can take him home.” 

One of the guys

One of the guys

The prison guards smelt something very fishy in the air, so they asked for the guys’ IDs. At first, they claimed that they worked for secretive government organs and thus cannot expose identity. Later, upon more requests, they took out two IDs that stunned everybody.

One of the guys was shown, on an ID with the army emblem of the People’s Liberation Army, to work at the “general headquarters” for “the United Nations Peacekeeping troops” located in a “No. 18 compound” in Beijing.

Another passport-looking ID was issued by the “communication bureau of UN world peacekeeping troops,” and apparently allowed this guy named Wu Yanbiao to work freely “around the world.”

Last but not the least, both IDs were in traditional Chinese. Such detail-oriented minds should have successfully fooled everybody if they didn’t overlook the extreme absurdity of the whole situation.





During hours of investigation, one of the guys made it clear that he was “from the above”: “Don’t mess with me. I warn you not to mess with me. There will be consequences. Take a look at my ID. Look closely. Don’t you realize my power and authority?”

He even made a fake call to Zhongnanhai, the central headquarters for the Communist Party of China, angrily reporting how Yueyang prison guards haven’t been cooperating.

The story ends with the two guys being arrested. The silver lining is that they can finally see their friend…in prison.

[Click here for a video clip of these two guys if you can understand Chinese]

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