The answer to the conflict between China and the Philippines lies in soccer

Alia | May 16th, 2012 - 5:08 pm

If there will ever be a war between China and the Philippines over the disputed Huangyan Island, aka, Scarborough Shoal, in South China sea, the outcome is a no-brainer, in the minds of Chinese netizens at least. The calculated is pretty straightforward: “You [the Philippines] were defeated by the Chinese male soccer team and you dare to challenge the PLA?”

To those of you who don’t quite get the joke. Though soccer is the love of Chinese sports fans above all, the Chinese male football team is generally seen as a national shame and a group of “forever losers” due to… their forever bad performances, and is often the subject of scorn and jokes.

Here is the calculation in an inforgraphic, if you will. [Picture from @猫扑]

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5 Responses to “The answer to the conflict between China and the Philippines lies in soccer”

  1. Azzie says:

    @dudeman2013, HA! economic allies… It’s called a trade deficit.

  2. Dudeman2013 says:

    yeah, because the USA would totally fight it’s greatest economic ally and waste more money on a war for you guys

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  4. Mokongmatsing says:

    If this shit would be submitted to 9GAG, be prepared to wear a medal saying that you are a “dumbass and failed in life”. In history, all empires never last, and naturally China will be next. The Philippines and all the other “little people” countries China bullied (Tibet, Uyghur to name two), will still be around. Bet on that!

  5. makabayan says:

    comparing sports and military is the most stupid thing i heard. clearly you retarted chinese deep shit is eating too much noodles.

    and by the way, we are backed up by the world’s most powerful navy – the united states. china-made equipments wouldn’t stand a chance.

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