Is China’s army ready to win a modern war?

Alia | September 11th, 2014 - 2:45 am

Are China’s current military forces ready to fight a war with Japan? The answer is most definitely yes.

Chinese general Luo Yuan’s battle on Weibo

Alia | February 24th, 2013 - 9:34 pm
Luo's Weibo profile picture

On February 21, high-ranking Chinese military officer Luo Yuan, major general, opened a personal Weibo account. Instead of welcomes, Chinese netizens showered Luo with bitter questions and criticism. The peacetime general’s hope to win over public favor is crashed completely.

700 million “Japanese soldiers” died in China in 2012

Alia | February 5th, 2013 - 5:21 am

The year of 2012, probably due to the never-ending island dispute between China and Japan, has been a particularly fruitful year for TV dramas with anti-Japan themes. Some 700 million “Japanese soldiers” died at Hengdian World Studios last year. That’s enough corpses to circulate the earth 3 times.

Modern China’s first open war over freedom of speech accelerated

Alia | January 6th, 2013 - 4:02 pm

Whether or not the “Southern Weekly incident” can bring significant change is still unknown, but as of now, the paper is shouting loud to everybody in the country: “It’s war and let’s fight!.”

Here is how China has been defending its rights over Diaoyu Islands

Alia | September 13th, 2012 - 2:20 am

So far, China’s strategy to defend its sovereignty over Diaoyu Islands remains very peaceful. The 3-step strategy includes weather report, Photoshop and media lip service.

The answer to the conflict between China and the Philippines lies in soccer

Alia | May 16th, 2012 - 5:08 pm

If there will ever be a war between China and the Philippines over disputed waters in South China sea, the outcome is a no-brainer in the eyes of Chinese netizens.

CCTV anchor slip of the tongue: “The Philippines is Chinese territory.” Chinese netizens: “It’s not?”

Alia | May 8th, 2012 - 10:33 pm

CCTV anchor He Jia mistakenly claimed the Philippines as part of China’s territory in her news program. Yet, Chinese netizens think that there was nothing wrong with what she said.

South China Sea standoff stirred new wave of nationalism in China, “The government has no balls and we want a war”

Alia | April 24th, 2012 - 1:17 am

Two recent news articles regarding the standoff between China and the Philippines in South China Sea bring nationalistic sentiment to a new high point. While netiznes still support the government’s sovereignty claim in the region, they feel betrayed by the government’s non-action.