“Steamed buns store” now a song in ode to Chinese president Xi Jinping

Alia | January 23rd, 2014 - 9:17 pm

Just how surprised the Chinese are at the fact that their president is also a human being? Steamed buns have the answer. It was all the rage in the past few week after Chinese president Xi Jinping paid an unexpected visit at the end of last year to the popular Qingfeng Steamed Buns store in Beijing’s Xicheng district.

People were flocking to take pictures of the desk at which Xi ate. Two sessions at Jiangsu province ordered steamed buns from the store as work lunches for participating delegates. Steamed buns are so popular all of a sudden that 2014 may just as well be the year of the steamed buns. And now there is a song.

The song was a collaboration between composer Wu Songjin and lyric writer Zou Dangrong. The song is said to be “simple and low key” and “full of passion and positivity.” Well…it certainly sets a new high in the art of ass-kissing. So…enjoy!

Translated Lyrics:

(accompaniment) Steamed buns store, steamed buns store

(solo) Here’s the story: A few days before the New Year

I walked into the steamed buns store for lunch

As I was lining up, somebody came in behind me

Look at him, with his robust figure, imposing bearing and ruddy appearance

Hey! Why does he look so familiar?


Surprised, the waiter headed forward

“Please take a seat, sir. I will bring anything you want to eat.”

The man smiled, and waved him off,

He stayed in line behind me, the last one in line

He ordered a set meal. It was only 21 yuan

Pork  steamed buns, together with vegetables and pork liver stew

He stood in line with us. He paid for the meal himself

With both hands carrying the tray, he walked towards me


(accompaniment) Where did he sit?

(solo) Oh! Hey! Everybody! Everybody! What a coincidence! He sat right beside me!

He enjoyed his meal, even laughed and chatted with us

I hastily took out my phone to take pictures of people posing next to him

I hurried to Weibo to upload the pictures

The story went viral and netizens rushed to comment

Uncle Xi, warm-hearted man of the people,  the “president combo” is now famous

Uncle Xi, warm-hearted man of the people, our incidental encounter at the steamed bun store

Has warmed the hearts of the people in this harsh winter!

Has warmed the hearts of the people in this harsh winter!


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