Savvy retailers in China cash out Linsanity with a sea of products and a Lin trademark

Alia | February 22nd, 2012 - 5:40 am

What’s better than Linsanity? Store owners at Taobao (China’s largest e-commerce site) have the answer – Proflint!

Seeing the huge business opportunity behind China’s young consumers’ love for Jeremy Lin (his Wiki page), Taobao retailers are quick, as always, to respond with a variety of Lin-related products.

A simple search for “林书豪” (Jeremy Lin’s Chinese name) on Taobao returned 90 pages of results with products ranging from T-shirts, #17 jerseys, hoodies, fan souvenirs, sneakers, iPhone accessories and even custom services to print Lin’s face onto everything possible, you name it.

Lin iPhone cases. And this is just a fraction of the variety available on Taobao. (click here and here for actual products)

Jeremy Lin iphone case

Jeremy Lin iphone case

And clothing

Jeremy Lin #17 jerseys

Jeremy Lin tees

Jeremy Lin tee

Jeremy Lin hoodies

What’s more surprising? A sports product company based in Wu Xi registered a Jeremy Lin trademark…way back in 2011 before many of us ever heard of the name.

According to a news report by, Yu Minjie, founder of the sports product company, first set her eyes on Lin in 2010 when she saw him on TV. Her immediately reaction? Lin will become another sensation after Yao Ming and her company needs to own a Lin trademark. So she got it. The trademark is “Jeremy S.H.L 林书豪” and only cost her 4460 yuan, about $710. Her company filed two product categories for the trademark, clothes, shoes, accessories and balls, gaming devices and toys.

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