Perfect correlation between oil price increase in China and earthquakes around the world

Alia | April 8th, 2011 - 7:52 pm

The most recent oil price increase in China has stirred up waves of complaint about rising living cost and condemnation of the government. A post of how effective dates of oil price increase in China are  perfectly correlated with occurrences of earthquakes across the globe  got viral online. It is widely shared on multiple Chinese social networks and BBS sites.  Many netizens said that notices of oil price increase from China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) is the best earthquake prediction, and NDRC should replace China Earthquake Administration.

“2010, April 13th, oil price increase by NDRC, 7:49 that morning,  7.1 magnitude earthquake in Yushu, Qinghai.

2010, October, 15th, oil price increase by NDRC, same day, 7.2 magnitude earchquake in Sumatra, Indonesia.

2011, February, 20th, oil price increase by NDRC, 6.5 magnitude earchquake in New Zealand.

2011, March, 11th,  oil price increase by NDRC, 9.0 magnitude earchquake in Japan.

2011, April, 7th, oil price increase by NDRC, 7.4 magnitude earchquake in Japan; and 6.5 magnitude earchquake in Mexico.

The government promises that China wouldn’t be the first country to use NDRC during times of war.”

The picture reads “Sell every possession to buy gas. Fuck NDRC!”

Netizens’ comments From Tianya:

The post accidentally reveals NDRC’s true function.

This is a miracle, yet so funny.

This is not a thorough analysis. If you go deeper, you will found that sometimes NDRC predicts airplane crashes, and sometimes earthquakes.

Netizens’ comments From Sina Weibo: this particular weibo got re-tweeted 38,485 times by the time of this blog entry and had 6542 comments.

There is no need of war any more. Simply ask NDRC to increase oil price and China will soon conquer the world.

NDRC is our secret weapon of mass destruction.

Even the earth is angry about NDRC’s oil price increase.

If Japan dears to claim Senkaku Islands (Diaoyu Islands) are theirs again, we just ask NDRC to increase oil price.

NDRC has great powers indeed. Who ever displeases China, NDRC will increase oil price. Let the people pay and the world shake.

This is why China has no need to build aircraft carriers. We have NDRC, it is nuibility.

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