Peking University to screen students for radical thinking from May – many reminded of 89

Alia | March 29th, 2011 - 4:10 am

Peking University, the most prestigious university in China, unveiled a program to offer consultation to 10 categories of “trouble” students. Among the 10 categories, one received particular attention and criticism – radical thinking.

Beginning this May, students at Peking University will be screened for 10 categories of “troubles”,  they are, academic difficulties, radical thinking, psychological fragility, poverty, registration changes, eccentricity, Internet addiction, job difficulties, serious illnesses and discipline violations. Those considered as having one or more of the above will receive consultation and be persuaded to change to the “right track”.

Radical thinking is the focal point of criticism and debate. Some students at the University do support the program, saying that some students are indeed too arrogant and radical as to denounce the University for petty things. But most think “radical thinking” shouldn’t be something that needs consultation.

Entrance of Peking University

Peking University attracts the best of the best students around China. Each has their own unique way of thinking. It is hard to tell which is radical and which is not. A wrong judgment may influence the student’s personally permanently – if someone is asked to receive consultation, s/he will probably be labeled as an outcast for the rest of his/her undergraduate years.

The education philosophy of Peking University set by its founding fathers is “Freedom of thought. All embracing”.  If you ask which university in China is the true melting pot of different thoughts and has the highest tolerance for open discussion, many Chinese will choose Peking University without blink of an eye.  Almost all well-known Chinese intellectuals of the 19 century, even Mao Zedong, had their stories with Peking University. It is not only an irony, but also a shame for Peking University to be the very first in China to screen students for radical thinking.

Below is a picture by students comparing Peking University professors of the past and the present. Students are already not satisfied with professors and now they are not even allowed to think freely.

Netizens’ reaction on Tianya:

The best university in China…The joke isn’t funny at all!

If I were a student at Peking University and someone wanted to give me a consultation. My only words to they are “fuck off”.

Decline of the Peking University

Our universities are factories of slaves

Can we change of the wording of radical thinking. Li Dazhao, Chen Duxiu, all from Peking University. Their thoughts were extremely radical. (They are leaders of China’s anti-imperial revolution).

It reminds me of 89

Peking University under CCP is no longer the Peking University it once was. It is not the University who doesn’t allow for radical thinking, it is the government. Not only radical thinking from students, but from everyone.

They fear there will be another Tiananmen

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