Patriotic post “You Are Nothing Without the Motherland” angers Chinese netizens

Alia | December 3rd, 2013 - 10:51 pm

Discussions about patriotism never gets old in China. Since mid-November, an anonymous post titled “You Are Nothing Without the Motherland” gradually gained momentum online. It has since been reposted by numerous Chinese media such as the Beijing Daily and the Global times. How well is it received by Chinese netizens? Very bad.

7The post used the “fallen-apart” Arabic Spring countries as examples to call for the Chinese people to stay alert for “Western anti-China powers”, because the ultimate victim of “social instability” is the ordinary people.” “A strong and stable motherland is the only way for the Chinese people to be happy and free,” the article argued. 

It specifically called out the conspiracies by Western countries to bring down any potential rival. In particular, the US, which “now lists China as its biggest threat.” “Everybody knows that the US has been plotting to overthrow the rule of the Chinese Communities Party (CCP).”

According to the post, China will fall into chaos without the leadership of the Communist Party. The solution is to believe in Xi Jinping, China’s current president who took power earlier this year. Why? Because “Xi knows China and politics” due to his family background. More importantly, Xi has the courage to “fight tigers”, i.e., fighting corruption.

“Every Chinese should have a patriotic heart.” The post concluded.

Netizen 蓝色风车sorry has so far the best response to the article: “An ass told its poop: ‘You are less than a poop without me!’”

To equal “love for the motherland” with “the love for the motherland under CCP rule” is something that the Chinese government has been trying very hard to achieve. For a short period in history, they succeeded. But in today’s China, more and more people are more eager than ever to make that distinction – they love their country, but such patriotism is not dependent on who is in power.

“Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty. ..Governments come and go, but the motherland is always there and we will always be Chinese.” One netizen C_Nerv commented.  Another netizen greatlau added: “The motherland is the motherland. The Communist Party is the Communist Party. My motherland is still here after 5000 years. How about the Communist Part?”

In response to the post, popular social science scholar 于建嵘 commented: “The motherland is indeed very important to us ordinary people. It’s our root. That’s the reason why we hope it can grow into a place with more equality, more democracy and more rule of law. Please don’t equal my motherland with certain interest group, who, in the name of the motherland, have been robbing the people and limiting the people’s freedom.”

One can only hope that someday, the author of the post, as well as those in power, can realize that without its people, China is nothing.


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