Paper cranes, from token of good wishes to online trolls by Chinese netiznes

Alia | April 7th, 2011 - 5:37 am

Paper cranes, a traditional Japanese token of good wishes, are transformed by Chinese netizens. This new breed of paper cranes with legs may look creepy, but at the same time, funny as hell.



Liu Xiang



Poll dancer


Movie star

Ballet dancer



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One Response to “Paper cranes, from token of good wishes to online trolls by Chinese netiznes”

  1. Hopes of luck , healing and wishes come true were carried on the wings of origami cranes that were handed out to all who donated to the collection for Japanese disaster relief at a fundraiser dinner I attended last week.  What a fitting gift of gratitude – the delicate, perfectly formed origami crane – rich with symbolism.  Here are photos of the one I received.

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