One flood, Two tales

Alia | July 26th, 2012 - 10:41 pm

A record rainstorm on July 21 killed 77 in Beijing, destroying families and burying Beijing government in criticism. In another major Chinese city, Tianjin, just 2 hours of drive away from Beijing, there was also a heavy rain that lasted over 12 hours from the night of July 25 to 26. The whole city was flooded and the biggest river in the city, Haihe, overflew its banks and surrounding streets. However, not only did Tianjin manage to keep its death toll at zero, the people of Tianjin also turned their flooded hometown into a water park. Two floods in two major cities in a week, yet while one city is mourning over flood casualties, the other is having a fun summer day.

[Background:  Tianjin is a Tier 1 city in northern China and one of the four cities governed directly by China’s central government. It’s a coastal city that boarders Beijing and famous for its laid-back lifestyle, cheering dialect often used in comedies and various folk arts. In particular, Tianjin is known for a performing art called Xiangsheng, or crosstalk (Wiki for Xiangsheng. It’s a kind of performance similar to stand-up comedies).]

Flood in Tianjin

Tianjin people enjoying the flood

The too-cool-for-flood. Guy on jetski caught on video (Check out the video at the end)

If you’re not as cool but have a boat…of any kind


Old gentleman 

Middle-aged guy

Father with daughter


Let’s say if you don’t have a boat in the normal sense…

Swan boat, a paddle boat often seen in parks in China. This was on the street.  

Plastic bathtub


Blow-up turtle

And…yet another blow-up turtle

Blow-up ball (have no idea how they got into it)

And…swimming is always fun

Flood brings food

At the biggest shopping district in Tanggu, people were happy fishing

Animals deserve some fun, too

Guy walking ducks

Guy walking his dog

Video of the jetski guy

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