Occupy Men’s Toilets: College girls in China fight for gender equality for loo

Alia | February 24th, 2012 - 2:41 am

If you are a female, have you ever tried very hard to hold up while standing in an impossible line in front of the lady’s room? Have you ever felt a burst of jealousy while seeing men walk in and out of their side without a single second of waiting? Well…college girls in China decided that they’ve waited long enough and they need change.

Occupy Men's Room

It was reported that earlier this week, a group of college girls in Guangzhou protested in front of a men’s room at Yuexiu Park to call for equal loo rights. They held up signs that read “More ‘convenience’ for woman. More gender equality.” Their agenda? To pass law that enforces at least a 1:2 toilet ratio for men and women.

Occupy Men's Room

The Occupy Men’s Toilets campaign was initiated by a college student from Beijing called Li Maizi. Her reason to start the campaign was simple: “As a girl, who haven’t dreamed about using the men’s room while standing in long lines waiting to “do our business.’” She spent a week preparing for the protest and recruiting volunteers.

At the scene in the Guangzhou park, Li and her fellow female volunteers handed out fliers titled “To our male counterparts”, explaining the reason why a group of 20-something girls were staking outside of a men’s room.

During the protest, men were still allowed to use the facility, but many appeared to be very embarrassed walking in and out through blocks of young girls. When the queue started to grow over the lady’s room, however, volunteers would stop men who were heading to the toilet and ask them to wait and let the ladies use it first. Interestingly, when stopped, all men expressed understanding and sympathy for women’s conditions and problems.

The Occupy group even did a poll among onlookers. Most agreed that toilet facilities for men and women are indeed a bit unfair to women. According to Li, due to the big success in Guangzhou, her next stop for Occupy Men’s Toilets is Beijing. (Click here for news in Chinese)

Occupy Men's Room

Occupy Men's Room


A Whisper pad ad that tells a Occupy Men’s Room story:

Girl in pink: “I got my period. Really urgent. Can I use the toilet first?”
Girl standing first in line: “Every girl has her ‘inconvenient time’, why should I let you in first?”
Girls in line: “We all got our periods!”
Men 1:”How come it was the lady’s room?”
Men 2: “No way. It was the men’s room when I walked in.”

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