North Korea on Sina Weibo,”Watch your mouth, Chinese netizens!”

Alia | March 10th, 2012 - 12:53 am

On March 7, Sina Weibo (China’s Twitter equivalent) got a newcomer, an account by the name of “North Korea Today”. No one knows yet whether it is really the North Korean government behind the account or the whole thing is a spoof. Sina Weibo usually verifies an account like this and gives a “V” after verified account names to show their authenticity, but as North Korea Today specified itself, “All we want is to develop a better North Korea, We won’t have any untrue information on Weibo, We support real-name registeration. But we don’t want the V.”

The only thing we know is that it has already attracted more than 73,000 followers in only two days. It is also clear that North Korea Today isn’t on Weibo to socialize, as stated in its very first tweet, “North Korea Today officially starts today. But sorry, we won’t follow anyone.” It posted a total 66 tweets in two days’ time, and already, two of the 66 went “Sorry, commenting function closed.”

So how well is this “old friend of China” claimed by the Chinese government received among Chinese netizens? It was welcomed wholeheartedly by surprise, contempt and ridicule. Tweets by North Korea Today received an average of 200 to 2000 comments, with supportive ones very rarely spotted, if at all existed. It is such unfriendly feedback from the Chinese netizens that has prompted North Korea Today to spit out “Watch your mouth” several times in just two days’ time.

Before a sample of what Chinese netizens said that has angered North Korea Today, let’s first have a look at what it has posted so far.

Contents by North Korea Today include several parts.

  • Daily Pyongyang weather report.

  • Remembrance of their last leader Kim Jong-il.

  • News of their current leader Kim Jong-eun

  • News about North Korean people’s happy lives

  • Condenmination of South Korean President Lee Myung-bak

  1. Praise of the close friendship between China and North Korea



Comments by Chinese netizens on the friendships between China and North Korea clearly show that the people in China, at least young people on Weibo, are not on the same side with their government on this matter.

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