New hope for poor guys in China: Down payment of a 100-sq-meter apt in Beijing costs only 208 times of sperm donation

Alia | September 7th, 2012 - 2:31 am

China falls short of a lot of things right now. A political reform, an economy booster, a charming first lady who can deliver kickass speeches, the list goes on and on. A recent new item on list that has the potential to solve many people’s problems and is much easier to work on is quality sperm for sperm banks across China. Earlier this week, news from sperm banks in Guangdong province, Jiangxi province and Henan province all told the same story: “We are running out of quality sperm. Please donate!”

According to Luo Wenzhi, Director of Guandong Sperm Bank, infertile couples stand for 14% of all couples in Guangdong and the number is growing every year. On the other hand, there hasn’t been enough quality sperm at his bank for years. Things are more or less similar across China. More than 12% of China’s childbearing age population is infertile (40 million). He encouraged college students and white-collars to donate: “Sperm donation won’t bring any harm to the body and won’t kill.”

Helping other people isn’t the only incentive for donating sperm. There is also cash. According to sperm banks in Jiangxi and Henan, donation alone is worth a 200-yuan “nutrition aid”. If it’s qualified sperm, then another 3000 yuan compensation plus a full physical checkup worth another several thousand yuan.

Such calls for sperm donation definitely give new hopes to many people in China, not infertile couples, but single young males who cannot afford a home. Sina Real Estate in Guangzhou did a calculation on how many times one need to donate sperm before he can afford a 100-sq-meter apartment in several major cities in China. The result is very promising.

A 100-sq-meter apartment in Shenzhen, which has the highest per sq meter price based on August statistics, only costs 216 times of sperm donation. According to Henan Sperm Bank, all males age 18 to 30 who are 172 cm or higher are OK to donate. And one can donate as many as 126 times a year, which means enough down payment in less than 2 years for all the cities listed above. Considering how many young men’s marriage dreams have been destroyed by the lack of a house and how many have drained their parents’ life savings for housing down payments, this sounds like a pretty good deal.

Yet not many netiznes are up to sperm for houses, they have their eyes on another luxury – iPhone 5 is on its way and sperm donation is a way better choice than selling kidney. Like many netizens commented: “With sperm donation as an option, iPhone 5 never sounds so affordable and it’s much less work.”

But sperm for cash isn’t a route everyone can take. College students account for about 80% to 90% of sperm donors and yet only 20% of them have quality sperms that meet the standards of sperm banks. The number among working males is even lower, only about 10% have quality sperms.

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