Neil Bush joked about joining the Communist Party of China

Alia | August 27th, 2012 - 3:53 pm

Neil Bush, son and brother of former US presidents, isn’t a well-known figure in China…until yesterday when he posted the following on his official Sina Weibo account (China’s Twitter-like microblogging service.) in both English and Chinese.

“I’m thinking of joining the CCP. What do you think of my accessories?”

In the photo attached to the Weibo post, Neil wore a red star hat, a “serve the people” bag and held a mug with a stamp of Mao’s head. All are gears typically seen during Mao’s era when everybody in China wears pretty much similarly.

Netizens are quick to respond to his joke, sarcastic as usual. Many urged him to reconsider.

RainbowBoy_: “Bro, please think again.”

i夕城雨: “Are you insane?”

89年的美少女:”Please do not!”

Manfrid-Z:”Are you kidding?”

Some criticized his gears as too outdated and pointed him to how a CCP member should accessorize now. More importantly, in addition to the right accessaries, he also needs to prepare psychologically.

ANNA-韩: “You are so outdated. To join the CCP now, you should wear a luxury watch and brand-name clothes from head to toe.”

Mefiiii_onTheRoad:”You need at least one Rolex watch!”

小语x: “To join the CCP, you need to give up your religion and start to belief in communism.”

木质棋子: “These accessories are decodes old. Now you need several luxury watches and a big belly.”

请叫我茶啊-牛奶: “Comrade, your gears are out. You should hold a bottle of Maotai in your left hand and a pretty model in your right hand. And another lesson to learn after you join the CCP is that never tell the truth. Telling lies will ensure your promotion and wealth as a party member.”

阴影遮蔽了我的眼睛: “You are not corrupted enough.”
作家天佑–: “Your bag is too small, not enough to hold all the bribes you will receive once you join the party.”

我心飞翔的猴子: “Hahaha, you want to join the CCP? In my opinion, what you really want is to get a feeling of what it’s like to be an abusive official, taking bribes and playing around with mistresses.”

Others gave him warm welcomes…plus high hopes.

未可名之: “Now you finally get it that a county-level official in a socialist country is far better than a president in a capitalist country. This is the merits of socialism. Ask your brother to join, too. Everything here has a price tag. No bargains.”

Monty的微博: “Welcome! We will make you the Party Secretary of County Manhattan.”

alter_Knacker:”Why not? Get your whole family in.”

绝世老伴郎:  “We depend on you to liberate all Americans. You will be a major force in starting a velvet revolution in the US.”

小庸小庸小小庸: “Are you thinking of building the People’s Republic of America?”

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