More Tomb Sweeping Day sacrifices: LV, machine gun, McDonald’s and the unthinkable

Alia | April 4th, 2012 - 4:51 am

It is almost sure that the deceased Chinese are the I-like-spending-and-enjoy-(after)life middle class in the other world, or, judging from what’s been burnt for them, a happy gangster in another life (no offense).

And..for anyone who has the slightest doubt about China’s manufacturing power, all of these are made of paper.

Another untapped market for LV?

Bad people die, too…so good people need some protection?

Mistresses, servants…or however they are going to be used

Look like still hot

Not sure who is the guy at the back seat

HUGE Maotai, luxurious Chinese liquor brand that costs several hundreds of dollars per bottle…at least

The most interesting thing about these sacrifices is that in the minds of Chinese people, the dead are living the same worldly life as the living do – they need life’s necessities, leisure and even better, luxuries that most living cannot afford or are illegal to possess.



 Funny that the money for the dead looks more like dollars than RMBs

Just brilliant….

And…of course…Apple products

 [Pictures from China Newsweek BBS]



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