More than phallic People’s Daily

Alia | October 14th, 2013 - 2:16 am

The new headquarters building of People’s Daily, China’s main state-run newspaper, received a new round of buzz during the weekend for its fresh gold plating. Many believed that the penis-shaped building is a perfect fit for People’s Daily because the Chinese word for “daily (日),” very conveniently, also means “f@ck” – that’s why People’s Daily is sometimes also referred to as the “newspaper that f@cks the people.”

As if the building hasn’t been mocked enough, Chinese netizens put together landmarks in both Beijing and Shanghai and got the following picture.

From top to bottom, the buildings are the “Big Underpants”, headquarters of China Central Television; the Bird’s Nest, Beijing National Stadium for the 2008 Olympics; the “Giant Penis”, headquarters of People’s Daily; and the two balls of Shanghai International Convention Center.

Chinese netizens naughty called the picture “A hundred birds coming back to the nest (百鸟归巢).” And guess what, the word “bird (鸟)” in Chinese is often used to describe the male genitals.

@晓玲有话说 on Weibo

@晓玲有话说 on Weibo

People’s Daily standing alone. 




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