Michael Jackson, Bush, the Red Army and more dance to viral Chinese folk song

Alia | April 2nd, 2012 - 12:49 am

What Chinese netiznes are doing for entertainment these days? Sing, dance to or watch a variety of adaptions of the new “song of miracle”, The Most Dazzling Ethnic Wind (最炫民族风). The song by pop duo Legend of Phoenix, with its fusion of traditional Chinese instruments and R&B beats, has been a great hit.

Netizens claimed that the song has a mind-numbing effect – “Human beings can no longer stop The Most Dazzling Ethnic Wind. The best thing about the song is that it seems to be able to synchronize with almost any dances or scenes. Parodies of the song have been circulating the Chinese internet like crazy – the song and its adaptions even stayed on Sina Weibo’s top topic list for days.

Michael Jackson Version

Movie scene version: From start to end, Warriors of the Rainbow, 3 Idiots, Kung Fu Hustle, Iron Man, Titanic, The Artist

The Red Army version

Bush version

Mass gymnastic version. Yes, there are schools which use this song to go with mass gymnastics that are required for primary and middle school students in China at school.

Guzheng version (Guzheng is a traditional Chinese string instrument)


In case you want more…the original music video


The boundless sky is my love.

Flowers are blossoming at the foot of endless mountains.

What beat is the most rock ‘n’ roll?

What melody is the happiest?

Winding rivers pour from the sky.

Flow to the colorful sea.

Hot folk songs are what we expect.

To sing and to travel is the most free of all.

If we sing, we sing to our best.

You are the most beautiful piece of cloud over my sky.

I will work hard to let you stay.

Quitely, I sing the most dazzling ethnic wind.

Let love blow away all dust.

You are the most beautiful piece of cloud over my sky.

Pour you a full glass and make you stay.

Sing the most dazzling ethnic wind forever.

Which makes the sky a most beautiful one.

I hear the most beautiful song in your heart.

When you standing on a stage in heaven.


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