Man killed for selling fake iPhone

Alia | March 2nd, 2012 - 1:11 am

Feburary 28, 12:58 pm, in Zhengzhou, a man, was stabbed dead. Two hours later, murderer Feng was arrested by local police. What was his motivation? Feng was tricked into buying a fake iPhone a few days ago. After finding out the truth, Feng bought a knife and started to look for the guy who sold him the fake iPhone. After several days’ of wandering around the streets, he run into another man on the 28th who was also selling fake iPhones. So he took out his knife…

According to a news report by iFeng, Feng was a cook at a local school. He was window shopping at a local mobile phone mall when a man approached him asking him whether he wanted an authentic iPhone on sale. The man showed Feng a sample and promised that it was a real iPhone out of Apple store. Feng carefully examined the sample and thought it was identical to a real iPhone. So after several rounds of bargaining, Feng and the man agreed on a deal.

As a lot of frauds in China go. The man asked Feng to wait for him to get a “new” and “sealed” product. A few minutes later, Feng happily went home with his “real” iPhone plus a free case. The man got his 2000 yuan.

But it wasn’t long before Feng found out that the iPhone was a fake. He was all up for revenge. He went back to the place where he was tricked with a knife and found another guy selling similar fake iPhones to a young boy at the place. Naturally, Feng thought they were a gang. They started a fight. Feng took out his knife and threated, “Give the money back the young boy, or I will stab you.” That day, Feng was the hero who saved a young boy from a fraud.

The tragedy happened when Feng went back to the same place again the next day. Those guys who were selling knockoff phones made fun of Feng’s revenge. Furious, Feng took out his knife again. This time, he killed a man accidentally.

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