Little girls in bikinis posed as car models in Wuhan

Alia | November 17th, 2012 - 6:36 am

November 16, the 2012 Chutian Automobile Culture Festival kicked off at the International Convention Center in Wuhan. Anyone who’s familiar with China’s auto show culture knows that the best scenery at auto shows in China is not cars, but car models – young, hot and usually wear little. So much so that auto shows in China are oftentimes ridiculed by netizens as boob shows.

Though car models in bikinis are nothing new in China, this one in Wuhan still shocked many. The pictures are pretty self-explanatory.


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9 Responses to “Little girls in bikinis posed as car models in Wuhan”

  1. jason luttgens says:

    it’s not so much the suits as the poses. totally wrong. what exactly are they selling ? or trying to say about the cars?

    • SeanMcPherson says:

      I think that if you can call a child Catholic, or Jew, or Mormon… Yo can teach a child erotic posses for her/his future personality. The real child abuse is happening in the religious tradition. A 3 years old girl, can not decide if she want to be shame of her sexuality, but we teach that stuff. You are a sinner, we say to a 4 year old boy, and Jesus can save you… These is abuse.

      I enjoy my sexuality since 8 years old. And is nothing wrong. Is part of our love. If you think that is pervert what I think, may be you have to reevaluate all your life. Because we born with sexuality, love and sexapell. If you think that I’m still wrong, is because you are program for repeat something that was design just for you.

  2. maverick says:

    People are sick in the head doing this it is what you call
    child porn (be warned you sick assholes)

  3. Saxer says:

    What is wrong with these individuals? This is completely inappropriate and should be unlawful. You would think a child labor law would be in place to make this unlawful!The poses that they have these innocent children in should be tantimount to child poronography! The parents are crazy to let their children participate in this. I am completely shocked and disgusted!!!!

  4. scallywag says:

    Interestingly no car manufacturers have found themselves disbarred for overstepping the bounds of proprietary. Can anyone guess why not?

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  7. [...] If you thought there might have been laws forbidding prepubescent girls from posing as bikini models at car shows, you were wrong. At Chutian Automobile Culture Festival in Wuhan, which kicked off November 16, girls who look about nine years old were marched onto the showroom floor alongside adult models, all wearing two-piece bikinis. The only way this gets more distasteful is if you had these children pose with a snake. Check out the picture after the jump, via Offbeat China. [...]

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