Leftover women in China speak their heart out “No house, no car, no bride”

Alia | March 11th, 2011 - 10:19 pm

Background: Leftover women, 剩女 (shengnv), a buzzword in China used to describe single or unmarried women over the age of 25 (the age threshold of being a leftover woman keeps lowering. It used to 30, now 25. But sometimes you will find girls around 20 claiming they are leftover women). There are different hierarchies of leftover women. Single women between 25 and 27 are the “fighters” (剩斗士, sheng dou shi), meaning that they still have the courage and energy to keep looking for true love. Women between 28 and 31 are the “doomed to be left” (必剩客, bi sheng ke, pronounced the same as Pizzahut in China), meaning that their chances of being ever married is very low and they are oftentimes too busy working to land a husband. Women between 32 and 36 are “leftover fighting Buddha” (斗战剩佛), meaning that they survive the cruel professional world but still remain single. Women of 36 and older are “leftover goddess” (齐天大剩).

Leftover women are not only single, not usually “three-high women”, too, – highly-educated, highly-paid and highly independent. The music video below is a song by leftover women. Their key message? If you want to marry me, get a car and a house.


多情的阳光 洒落在你的脸庞
Warm sunshine falling on your face. 

看看周围的小伙 个个都挺娘

Looking around and you find tons of girly-men


What a woman wants is a man with car and house


Marrying Mr. Right is the ultimate dream


Do you have a car, do you have a house


My mom will also inquire the size of your savings account

假如你没有车 假如你也没有房

If you have no car, nor a house


Hurry off and don’t stand in my way

我也有车 我也有房

I also have a car, I also have a house


As well as RMB in the bank


If you are not even as successful as I am


Don’t think of living off me, I am not your mom

你没有车 你没有房

If you have no car, nor a house


Don’t expect to hook up with any hotties


No need to pretend to be poor, you only drive a BMW


Don’t pretend to be rich, I am not your mistress

你没有车 你没有房

If you have no car, nor a house


How can you expect to be a groom


If you are not yet established


Why should I stay unsettled with you


You say I am pragmatic, that I admit


Call me a money worshipper, I don’t care


A man should be what a man is meant to be

没车没房 你别想找新娘

No car, no house, no bride

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12 Responses to “Leftover women in China speak their heart out “No house, no car, no bride””

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  2. jose says:


  3. [...] The two suicides in the video are exaggerations of the fates of good samaritans cheated by those they have helped and of young single men who find they cannot marry before they’ve purchased a car and a house. [...]

  4. Abkaa says:

    They can search for “Mr. Right” all they want. Now that they have exposed their true spoiled nature, no self respecting “Mr. Right” will ever think of them being anything more then a village harlot.

  5. jafer says:


  6. [...] Leftover women, single women aged 25+, are a unique segment of China’s evolving cultural scene and developing consumer market. Besides being single, leftover women are usually also “three-high women” – highly educated, highly paid and highly independent. They are troopers, and winners in many cases, in life, but as a recent article in Foreign Policy pointed out, they are also desperate to find Mr. Right. [...]

  7. [...] but the more popular term in Chinese is “Left-over.” The following video features “Left-over women”(shengnv), the term describes women who are seen as being unmarriable. This is because of several [...]

  8. billy san says:

    I think women should be successful and educated so they don´t have to depend on men. I´d like to care for that special woman, the ¨” real amazing young amor” who live in Kunshan and stole my heart with a single look.

  9. “ Leftover women are not only single, not usually “three-high women”, too, – highly-educated, highly-paid and highly independent”

    Every man’s fantasy? :S

    • Alia says:

      Absolutely not every Chinese man’s fantasy. Generally, Chinese men don’t want their girlfriend or wife to be more or as successful as them. They someone to look up to them.

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