Landmark in Suzhou mocked as giant long johns becomes new Photoshop meme

Alia | September 4th, 2012 - 7:03 pm

The Oriental Gate scheduled to put into use in 2013 in Suzhou has been under fire recently on the Chinese internet for its controversial design. While the design was reported to be highly regarded among architects, Chinese netizens apparently don’t have much appreciation of it and called it a pair of standing long johns.

Building still in construction 

Suzhu, where the Oriental Gate is located, is a beautiful city near Shanghai that has been famous for its aesthetic courtyard gardens since ancient times. Many netizens thought it was a shame for Suzhou to have such a funny-shape building as its new landmark. The building is said to cost 8 years and 4.5 billion yuan to finish and designed by a British architecture firm RMJM. The design was selected out of more than 10 bids.

The last building got so much buzz is CCTV’s (China Central Television) headquarter building in Beijing, which dubbed by netizens as the “big boxer shorts.” The Oriental Gate, or the “giant long-johns”, makes the perfect pair with the “big boxer shorts.” Many netizens happily commented that the CCTV building was lonely no more because it has a longer version standing in Southern China.

Giant long johns vs. big boxer shorts

The two make a perfect pair…

And…netizens thought the shorts look better

Chinese netizen will never miss a single opportunity to test their Photoshop skills. Therefore, a new internet meme was born. Below is a sample of netizens’ works, many of which are so seamlessly incorportated that one would think they are really what’s the finished building would look like.

Offbeat China’s favorites

Night view

There is a lake right in front of the building so water should be an inherit part of the design. 

The Hulk finally finds a pair of pants that suits him. 

Transformers’ parts made in China 

And there is more…

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