KFC attracts flocks of female consumers in China with “cute” delivery boys

Alia | February 8th, 2012 - 8:42 pm

Sex sells, even when it comes to fast food. Flirting with KFC’s “cute” delivery boys has become the new fad in China. How does it work? Tell KFC what type of delivery boy you want your food to be delivered by when ordering from the fast food chain, and chances are you can expect to see a delivery boy “as described” at your doorway with a box of chicken, or whatever you ordered.

It all started on Feburary, 1st when a girl named Woshikaogong on Sina Weibo (China’s Twitter) recounted her experience with a handsome KFC deliveryman. (KFC Home Delivery is an official KFC China website for home delivery services.) When filling out online orders on the website, she, maybe out of boredom, typed in “I want a handsome man to deliver the food to me” in the column “other requirements.” To her surprise, the deliveryman was indeed very cute, as described in her Weibo post “with big eyes and has fair skin.” To make the story more dramatic, she also claimed that the KFC branch from which she ordered the delivery service called a few minutes later to check whether she was happy about the service and whether she thought the delivery boy was indeed pretty.

“The boy covered his face with his hands out of shyness and then stammered, ‘Am…I…cute enough?’ I laughed so hard. I was just messing with KFC.” The girl concluded.

KFC Home Delivery


The Weibo post attracts thousands of comments and re-tweets. People think the service is cute and lovable and start to try their own luck with KFC Home Delivery with various delivery boy appearance requirements.

KFC attracts with cute delivery boys


The delivery boy came with a facial mask on.
Me: “You’re the cute delivery guy I required?”
The delivery boy: “How can you tell I’m cute? I’m wearing a mask.”

KFC attracts with cute delivery boys

KFC attracts with cute delivery boys


Me: Can I take a picture with you?”
The delivery boy: “Probably not a very good idea.”

KFC attracts with cute delivery boys


I asked for a cute gay to deliver my food. The one came didn’t look gay at all, but cute nevertheless. He said they don’t have gay deliveryman at his branch. He also said that though many asked for cute boys, I was the first to ask for a gay.

KFC attracts with cute delivery boys


He said all cute guys were not available and he was the only one left at the station to deliver my order. But I think he is very cute, too.

KFC attracts with cute delivery boys


I asked for big eyes and got big eyes!

KFC attracts with cute delivery boys


Shortly after, KFC official Weibo account came out and denied cute delivery boy service, “KFC only runs normal delivery service. No other services are available. Please be kind to our delivery stuff because they work very hard and are our brothers and sisters.”

Nevertheless, netizens keep on showing off receipts with special cute delivery boy requirements. And soon, a food delivery website picked up the demand.

Meican.com, a website that offers online ordering for a variety of local restaurants, put “Cute Delivery Boy Service” on their menu for KFC. And it definitely doesn’t look like a joke. It looks like a rather extensive list of different types of cuteness and sounds very professional.

Food delivery website offers serious cute delivery boy service


Many speculate that the whole thing is a marketing campaign by KFC. If so, it is a very creative campaign and spot on in terms of consumer psychology. Emotional bounding and personal connection also win. Given the sensation it aroused, there is no double that more local food chains probably will pick up this special service.

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