Is China’s army ready to win a modern war?

Alia | September 11th, 2014 - 2:45 am

Half of Chinese people surveyed believe that a war with Japan in the near future is inevitable, according to a poll by Genron. But is China ready for a war? Are China’s military forces ready to fight Japanese soldiers again, 70 years after the last Sino-Japanese War? The following two stories may give a hint.

In major military conflicts, logistics are often crucial in deciding the overall outcome of wars, and are yet full of uncertainties given the ever changing needs of the troops. Successful military logistic management involves highly professional knowledge of strategy, intelligent, training and finance, among others. The Chinese army, however, has it all figured out, at least when it comes to how to comfortably feed several hundreds of soldiers without being noticed by the enemy.

aaA mechanized infantry division based in north China marched a few hundred miles to Nanjing to fight local forces in a combat exercise earlier this month. But they never needed to cook a single meal on their way. Why? Because they had a special dispatch that would go “plain clothes” to buy box lunches and bottle water from villagers along the way. According to one officer: “The tactic not only reduces burden on logistics, but also increases overall flexibility and mobility.”

Now that the logistics are covered. How about actually winning the war?

Again, in a recent exercise, a mechanized infantry division “red army” from north China was sent to combat a “professional” “blue army” in southern China. In the evening of the final battle, the “red army”, who has come across half China to the base, was on high alert because they’ve been ambushed a few times along the way by the “blue army.” Just as the commander was touring the base, report came that a group of local cadres were there to say hello, with gifts such as potatoes, cabbages, soft drinks, and a banner that read “Warmly welcome the People’s Liberation Army.”

But guess what? Those were no local cadres. They were undercover “blue army” soldiers. And the commander of the “red army” was sniped on spot. Bang!

And no, the two stories are not made up, nor are they from the Onion – one is from Xinhua News, and the other Guangdong Satellite TV. 

Let’s go back to our original question of whether China’s current military forces are ready to fight a war with Japan. The answer is most definitely yes. They are going to fight another war with Japan in the exact same way they fought the last one 70 years ago.

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