In Chongqing gang-busting camp: Ten ways of torture

Alia | December 17th, 2012 - 5:16 am

An infographic introducing how prisoners have been tortured in Chongqing’s gang-busting camp Tie Shanping has been widely-circulated online since yesterday. Gang busting in Chongqing was an anti-corruption movement started by Bo Xilai and his then police chief Wang Lijun. Bo and Wang, the once closest allies who almost revived Red culture in China, now both sacked – Wang defected to the US Embassy in Chengdu, pulling curtains for the most scandalous political drama in China in decades; Bo Xilai was dismissed from all his party and administrative posts with possible criminal charges.

The gang busting movement is said to have put many innocent people into black jail. Li Zhuang, a Beijing lawyer, is by far the most controversial black jail victim. He spent 18 months in prison after being found guilty by a Chongqing court of falsifying evidence and inciting others to bear false witness. But he is said to be framed by Bo and Wang because his client exposed the use of torture during inquisition. Now that both Bo and Wang have fallen and Li was released, many inside stories from the black jail surfaced. For example, Nanfang Daily, a popular liberal newspaper, has spent several lengthy reports on “how Wang Lijun was made.” Just like a few years ago when many Chinese media rushed to praise the Chonqing model, now they hesitate no time to bash Bo and Wang.

The infographic below is compiled by Tencent News based on relevant cases from new reports or the blog of Li Zhuang. it introduces ten ways of torture inquisition used by Wang in Chongqing’s black jail. It is said that in this “camp,” police were allowed to use ways that were not permitted by law. The infographic has drawed over 5k comments since being post yesterday, many of which cast doubts over the authenticity of the content. In eyes of some netizens, the recent wave of BO/Wang bashing is nothing but hitting a man when he is down. The reports are motivated by political reasons, rather than an attempt to promote justice.

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  4. China says:

    They should just make prisoners teach a classroom full of Fu Er Dai. Trust me – that’s the worst kind of torture.

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