How much does it cost to die in China?

Alia | March 29th, 2012 - 6:08 pm

Too much news on how much it costs to live in China, let’s see the price tag of death in China for a change, especially considering that Tomb Sweeping day is just around the corner.

The increasing gap between the rich and the poor in China doesn’t only create outcries like “We cannot afford to live in China,” complaints like “We cannot afford to die in China” are just as common. So…how much does it cost to die in China anyway?

Sina News did the math based on relevant services in Beijing, which means the numbers below should be seen as above national average.

 The total minimum expenses = 1020 + 1100 + 11140 = 13260 yuan. It is expensive, but probably not to the extent for a Beijing middle-class family to consider as unaffordable. So where does the “We cannot afford to die” come from?

According the news reports, when it comes to the dead, the living are not satisfied with basic services. They always want something extra or better, just like in everything else. For example, a basic set of clothes for the dead is 600 yuan as shown above, but the majority go for sets that cost 7000 to 8000 yuan. A basic cinerary casket costs 300 yuan, but those with price range of 4,000 to 10,000 yuan are the most popular. A basic cemetery spot cost 9800 yuan, but in Beijing, such cemetery spots are as rare as days with clear skies. Instead, those of 30,000 to 40,000 yuan are the most commonly found. Take all the above into consideration, the cost of death easily goes up several times higher, and thus is definitely out of the league of many working-class families in China.

Lesson of the day? Think outside the box – products and services for the living are not the only things in demand in China. For example, recent news about families hiring professional criers to sweep in memorial of their ancestors on Tomb Sweeping Day for 300 yuan/10 minutes and people spending hundreds for paper iPhones and iPad to be burned for the deceased.

Read more on Cemetery in China: “Your tomb has a past due balance”.

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