Here is how China has been defending its rights over Diaoyu Islands

Alia | September 13th, 2012 - 2:20 am

For those of you who suspect, fear or hope for a war between China and Japan over the disputed Diaoyu Islands, or Senkaku Islands by its Japanese name, China disappoints again. So far, China’s strategy to defend its sovereignty over Diaoyu Islands remains very peaceful, even after Japan nationalized the island chain on Tuesday.

Recon: Weather forecast 

From Tuesday, China national weather report after CCTV’s routine 7pm news very night started to broadcast weather reports for Diaoyu islands and its surrounding waters. The weather on Diaoyu Islands yesterday was cloudy with a little rain fall. Interestingly, all of the four regions shown in the screenshot below are disputed lands. Gao Xiong is a major city in Taiwan. Xishang and Nansha are disputed islands in the South China Sea that are also claimed by other Southeast Asian countries.

Advance troops: Photoshop

Yesterday, Chutian City Newspaper from Wuhan, Hubei province Photoshopped two aircraft-carrier-size patrol boats near Diaoyu Islands on its front page. The headline was “Chinese patrol boats sent to Diaoyu Islands, claiming sovereignty.”

Main troops: Media lip service 

If lip service kills, Japan’d already die a thousand times by now. Below is a sample of newspaper front pages from yesterday, all of which gave their biggest headlines to Diaoyu Islands. One doesn’t need to understand Chinese to get what’s been said – all headlines vowed one single determination “China won’t back down” – “China won’t back down over Diaoyu Islands,” “China will never yield an inch on sovereignty issues,” “China says no,” “Diaoyu Islands belongs to China,” “Diaoyu Islands have always been China’s land,” “Japan will pay for its dangerous gambling,” “Japan will surely lose,” “The nationalization of Diaoyu Islands by Japan is illegal,” and others with similar meanings. [Picture from @新闻老兵 on Sina Weibo]




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