Grandson of Mao at “Two Meetings”: The most dedicated representative?

Alia | March 9th, 2012 - 3:32 am

Mao Xingyu (Wki), who is usually seen as a joke among Chinese netizens, suddenly stands out from hundreds of NPC representatives and was given the title of “the most dedicated representative at NPC.” Why? Because among a hall of sleepy and sleeping eyes, he not only listened, but also took notes.

北京号外: I feel sad after seeing this picture. As the country’s most powerful Second Generation Officer, Mao Xingyu has never done any harm to ordinary people or the country and has never fought for more political power. Such a nice man, we shouldn’t make fun of him anymore.

What also helped to restore netizens’ respect for him was his anti-corruption proposal at this year’s NPC. Since Mao Xingyu’s first appearance at NPC in 2008, his proposals have always been closed related to Maoism, thoughts of his grandfather Chairman Mao. For example, in 2008, he proposed “To apply Maosim to economic development;” in 2009, he proposed “To apply Maoism to education;” in 2010, he proposed “To strengthen the study and application of Mao Zhedong military thoughts.”

But this year is unlike the others, Mao Xingyu brought with his 3 proposals to this year’s NPC. First and foremost, anti-corruption. Secondly, to safeguard the unity of different ethnic groups and strengthen economic development among ethnic minorities. Thirdly, take better care of the lives of frontier defense army. As pointed out by himself, the emphasis is definitely on anti-corruption.

In an interview by Jing Hua, Mao Xingyu explained why he presented an anti-corruption proposal,

“It is what the Chinese people care about the most. As a descendent of Chairman Mao, I feel that it is my duty to call attention to corruption problems.”

“This proposal is very important and I put a lot of effort to it. I have this urgent inside to solve the current corruption problem within the party. Usually, a representative proposal requires a maximum of 1,500 words. But due to the importance of the matter, I wrote a 3,000-word proposal.”

And of course, Mao was part of the story, as always.

“Chairmen Mao was very strict with his descendents. More importantly, he himself was incorruptible. Look at our entire family, among all the descendents of Chairman Mao, can you find a single one who is an official or runs businesses? None can be found! Why? Because Chairman Mao set a good role model.”

He then continued with criticism of the current corruption problem in China,

“Many Party members now, as predicted by my grandfather, were corrupted by candy bullets (糖衣炮弹). And the people missed the corruption-free Mao era.”

It is not sure how many would agree with the missing Mao era part, but his stance against corruption did win him fans.

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And politics aside, in a recent article “Representatives at China’s NPC represent not the people, but luxury brands“ where NPC representatives were criticized by netizens for carrying luxury accessories and turned NPC into “Beijing fashion week,” Mao XIngyu appeared to be the most moderate delegate, with a paper bad in hands.

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  2. China China says:

    It’s good to see that someone upstairs cares about the country and not just money. Though he is a fatass – you think he’d go on a diet for a better image.

  3. [...] netizens, it serves as a buffet of memes (internet jokes) at the expense of sleeping delegates and Mao’s grandson, as well as a source of outrage when it comes to expensive clothing and [...]

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