Grandma with an ax robbing armed cash van in China

Alia | March 24th, 2011 - 4:29 am

Yes, it was robbing in daylight. Yes, it was a grandma with an ax robbing in the middle of the street. And yes, she was robbing an armed bank cash van.

A news clip upload on March, 20th, on shows how a grandma-aged woman in a white cami was attempting to rob an armed cash van with an ax in the middle of the street. The video attracted 25 pages of comments by now.

Starting from 00:20


A grandma-aged woman in white cami stopped an armed cash van in the middle of the street with an ax in the hand.

She pointed at the van and shouted loudly, “Get out and show me the money!”

Don’t  know what to do, the cash van reversed slowly but the grandma chased on closely.

Thinking that the van may be intimidated by her, she shouted even louder,”Get out and show me the money! You must not leave!”

The police in the van tried to talk to her over the window and persuade her to go away, but only to invoke more curses from the grandma robber.

After a few minutes, upon realizing there wasn’t even a slight chance of succeeding, she walked away.

Netizens’ comments

In a country, if an old lady of this age is thinking about robbing. We know how terrible the living environment is.

If she succeeded, we would have a new government body called the Grandma SWAT

The news commented that it was illegal to rob a cash van. Tell me what car is legal to rob.

If it was a young guy, the van would have run over him.

It was an armed cash van. Nobody fired?

They were stuck there for minutes. No one called the cops?

She needs more than courage.

This is in China. If it was in another country, what we see would have been the her head being blown away.

She was probably asking for parking fee. Cash van is not waived.

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