Daughter of former Chinese premier: “My biggest regret is having only one child.”

Alia | July 10th, 2013 - 2:31 am

Chinese netizens wouldn’t be angry if the quote wasn’t from Li Xiaolin, the “princess CEO” of China Power International Development, and more importantly, the only daughter of former Chinese premier Li Peng.

In an interview by Hong Kong’s Ta Kong Pao, Li said that she loved charity, and that she was also a victim of China’s one child policy:

“My biggest regret in life is not having a second China. [To have a second child] would be great. I think it’s also the regret of many Chinese moms.”

Li Xiaolin in $2k blazer

Li Xiaolin in $2k blazer

Li Peng is probably one of China’s least-loved premiers for his role during 1989’s Tiananmen Square incident. His daughter Li Xiaolin is not without controversies, either.

Back in 2007, also in an interview, Li made the comment that her achievement depended not on her family background, but her own hard-working. Of course, no one bought it. In fact, people admired that she had the guts to even openly say so.

In 2012, Li was caught to wear a $2000 Emilio Pucci blazer to the opening ceremony of the CPPCC, China’s annual legislative assembly sessions, which gave rise to questions about how she came to power as the CEO of China Power International Development and even concerns regarding possible corruption.

This time, Li’s comment on regretting having only one child once again draws waves of criticism. News of her comments is now among the top 20 hottest posts on Sina Weibo, China’s Twitter-like microblogging service.

Li explained that it was her father who urged her to follow the one child policy because if the daughter of a government official violates the regulation, then no one in the country would follow it.

“We have also made sacrifices [for the society? for the country?]” Li concluded.

It’s not surprising that many netizens now call her a hypocrite. After all, she’s not the only mom in China who has to abide by the law. One netizen 前贤今彦 commented: “Of course she regretted it. If she had more kids, they would be the CEO of China Coal, China Gas, China Telecommunication, China Real Estate, and China Everything. The entire population would be working for Li’s family!” Another netizen 方无隅 commented: “The Chinese people’s biggest regret is that your grandma had a son.”


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