Chongqing media flipped after Bo’s fall: Red Chongqing gone

Alia | March 17th, 2012 - 4:05 pm

9 hours after Bo Xilai was announced to be dismissed from all posts in Chongqing, netizens spotted an alcohol commercial right after Chongqing News on Chongqing TV.  The commercial won’t be a big deal if Bo Xilai hasn’t banned all commercials on the channel a year age.


Chongqing TV hasn’t aired any commercials for a year since Bo Xilai pushed his “No commercial, Less TV drama. More ‘red’ programs” policy. In place of commercials, the channel added more public advertisings and programs that promote “red culture”. Apparently, commercials are back. According to an article on iFeng, Chongqing TV had a deficit of 300 million yuan in the past year due to loss of commercial revenues despite of government subsidies.

Still, an ad only 9 hours after Bo’ fall is…quick. The video showing the 1st ad after Bo’s fall received over 460, 000 views in only 1 day.


What about newspapers in Chongqing? Below is the front page of Chongqing Times yesterday with 5 headlines all extolling central government.

  1. To carefully study and execute decisions by the central government
  2. Chongqing Municipal People’s Congress firmly extols decisions by the central government and acts in line with central government
  3. Aline thoughts and actions with central government decisions
  4. Firmly extol decisions by the central government and further scientific development in Chongqing
  5. Voice from the central government sets out mind


For comparison: Chongqing Times on Feburary 13, 2012, when Bo was already in trouble with Wang Lijun’s case.


Comments from Sina Weibo are mixed with irony, pity and ridicule. Some even expressed that these “Chonqing in line with central government” headlines reminded them of Culture Revolution.

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