Chinese netizens weigh in on how to shorten the extremely long name for China’s new organ of censorship

Alia | March 12th, 2013 - 3:13 am

This past Sunday, Chinese government announced plans to streamline the country’s several cabinet-level ministries. The Ministry of Railways will be split into China Railway Corporation and the Ministry of Transportation. The Ministry of Health will merge with the National Population and Family Planning Commission, which manages China’s notorious one-child policy. The State Administration of Food and Drug will be given more power that would resemble a Chinese version of FDA.

The shakeup received mixed responses from Chinese netizens. Some saw a potential reduction in bureaucracy; others said nothing will change unless the country’s one-party rule ends. But the most interesting reaction comes from responses to the merge of the General Administration of Press and Publication and the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT), two arms of the government that manage and censor the entire press and media sectors in China.

The newly-merged organization will be called the “State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (国家新闻出版广播电影电视总局)”.

Chinese netizens’ first reaction? That 14 Chinese character name is way too long. And this time, they found support from senior government officials. Wu Shulin, deputy director of the General Administration of Press, and Zhang Peimin, deputy director of SARFT both agreed that the name needed revision. They are looking for a new name that is scientific, smart and international. So Chinese netizens weighed in.

Those who take it seriously

李开复, former head of Google China, suggested: “State Administration of Media Supervision (检媒局)”

刘春, vice president of Sohu, suggested: “SARFT 2.0 (新版广电总局)”

阿忆, media professor at Peking University: “State Administration of Mass Media Management.”


The more creative:

贵视徐卫东 : “State Administration of Mouthpiece (喉舌局)”

雪峰921: “Ministry of Nothing after Cutting (一剪没)”

AVARDA-21-C-: “State Administration of Castration (阉局)”

点子正: “National Moral Discipline Bureau (国德纲总局)”

告诉你真实的故事: “Ministry of Media Censorship (媒体审查总局)”

And the winner is…as suggested by numerous netizens…”Ministry of Truth (真理部)”.

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