Chinese netizens to Europe horse meat scandal: “Bring them all to China!”

Alia | February 14th, 2013 - 11:22 pm

It’s rare for China, a country where news about toxic food break almost every week, to have a chance to point fingers at other countries’ food safety issues. The expanding horse meat scandal in Europe, however, is such a rare case. Many Chinese media have been on high gear reporting the horse meat scandal, as if trying to convince its citizens that China isn’t the only “food safety demon.” But once again, Chinese netizens go completely in the opposite director with their responses.

Unappreciating  Europeans! Horse meat is much better

It’s probably an exaggeration to say that Chinese eat everything with legs but a table, but they do eat horse meat and donkey meat. In fact, Chinese flatbread with donkey meat is a very popular snack in many parts of Northern China. Due to their relative rarity, horse meat and donkey meat sell much more expensive than beef or other kinds of meat in China. All are reasons why it’s hard for Chinese netizens to image that European businesses would pass off horse and donkey meat as beef.

姜小光同学: “Europeans don’t know how to do business. If they pack all with an “organic horse meat” label and sell to China. Those rich Chinese would buy like crazy. Now with the scandal, no one would buy.”

pptang-: “Totally don’t understand why Europeans substitute horse meat for beef. Shouldn’t horse meat be more expensive than beef?”

土豪cjn: “Stupid Europeans! Take all the horse and donkey meat to Northern China, they are much more expensive!”

英飞ing: “I never ate horse meat, but tried donkey meat. Pretty tasty.”

国虹珍珍: “The most delicious meat of all meats – donkey meat. Every Chinese knows it. Donkey meat definitely has a position in China’s eating culture.”

namasan: “Don’t horse meat and donkey meat sell higher than beef? Those who buy such fake beef should feel lucky. At least I know donkey meat tastes better than beef.”

Guizi_Grace: “I bought a beef burger with horse meat at TESCO a month ago. I told my husband that horse meat is better because it’s a delicate in my hometown that noteveryone can afford to eat.”

Horse meat, donkey meat, whatever, it’s better than China

Chinese netizens never hesitate to show their cynicism. With China’s track record on food safety, no one can really blame them on this one. For example, not long before the horse meat scandal broke, a meat packing factory in the city of Liaoyang, Liaoning province, was found to sell cheap duck meat as mutton and beef.  What’s worse, the duck meat was soaked with toxic additives

木木山夆福禄欧尼酱: “CCTV keeps reporting the horse meat scandal in Britain. But all that is in my mind are gutter oil and toxic baby formula. At least horse meat is not poisonous.”

战神狼: “How dare you [Chinese media] point fingers at the horse meat scandal. You are shameless. Food safety in China is the worst on earth!”

殤傷歲月: “Chinese media focus on the horse meat scandal just to cover up the fact that they don’t dare to report food scandals at home.”

肖磊看市: “Substituting horse meat for beef is a scandal in Europe, but will be seen as an innovative business idea in China, because the Chinese people are thankful as long as their food is not mixed with poisons.”

杨小瓶: “Horse meat is at least still meat. In China, who knows what’s in beef. May not be meat of any kind at all. Those living in Capitalist countries are asking too much!”

草原哥在追波: “You [Chinese media] call this a food safety scandal? At least it’s still meat. We are eating shoes in China!”

吃南瓜的番茄小姐: “You [Chinese media’] are shameless. Look at how their government are responding to food safety problems and then look at us! We Chinese people are dying from toxic foods.”

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    Liaoning is not a city. It is a province.

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