Chinese netizens’ questions to British PM Cameron

Alia | December 5th, 2013 - 1:17 am

British Prime Minister David Cameron joined Sina Weibo, China’s Twitter, on November 29  before his official visit to China this week. A few days after arriving in China, he asked Chinese netizens to “leave questions” on his Weibo account so that he can “understand what’s on their minds.”

7Cameron promised to answer these questions by the end of his trip. His call for questions now attracts more than 21,000 comments and over 34,000 shares. #Asking British PM a question# is now a top trending topic on Weibo. The Chinese netizens are definitely having fun.

Netizen 鲷鱼控Crystal家破特是个马尔福 asked: “Can you push the production team of Sherlock (a British TV drama) a little? A 2-year wait for a new season with only 3 episodes is unbearable.”

淡定之水管先生 asked: “Is the affair between Tony Blair and Wendi Deng real?”

NvanpireV asked: “Does Britain have any straight men at all?”

Such funny questions go on and go. “Do you wear long underwear during winter?” “Which do you think is more handsome, you or Beckham?” “What happens if the Queen slaps you in the face?” “How much is your monthly income?”

But there are serious questions, too. Like the follow one which has been hailed by many Chinese netizens. Netizen 于今 asked: “Since the Industrial Revolution, Britain has set up colonies around the world and looted national treasures from all those countries. The British Museum keeps as many as 23,000 pieces of Chinese historical relics, most of which were looted from Beijing by the Eight Nations Alliance. When does Britain plan to return the looted relics back to China?”

This is actually not the first time when Chinese netizens flood a foreign leader’s social media account with questions. In 2012, waves of Chinese netizens once “occupied” US president Obama’s Google Plus page with requests to “liberate China.” At least, Cameron didn’t get requests as tough.  

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