Chinese netizens are roaring loud with !!!

Alia | March 15th, 2011 - 7:30 am

Recently, China’s popular social media such Kainxin001, Renren, Sina Weibo, Douban and several major BBS have been flooded with posts in a new writing style, the roaring style.

Roaring style was originally used to describe the performance style of Ma Jingtao, a Taiwanese actor who roars/shouts loud really hard in almost every TV drama he is in (see the thumbnail picture of him). This roaring style first appeared in writings on Douban when someone complained about how difficult it was to learn French, and soon swept the Chinese internet.

The key to master the style is quite simple. First, prepare yourself and get emotional, better if a little bit hysteria, just a little bit. Secondly, title the article with “xxx你伤不起” (ni shang bu qi, meaning “you cannot afford to hurt xxx”). Thirdly, fill the body with rhetorical questions ending with “有木有” (you mu you, meaning “isn’t there not” or “isn’t it true”), and occasionally “尼玛/尼马” (ni ma, used interchangeably with 你妈 (ni ma), literally meaning “your mother” but usually used to express the feeling of WTF). Last but not least, use an excess of “” (a, meaning “ah”) and the exclamatory mark “!”.

Articles in roaring style are filled with emotions and a sense of self-mockery. They are about one’s own experiences and sufferings. The author can let some steam out and the reader can either get a good laugh, or find comrades in the same battle. By far, most articles written in roaring style are from college students or urban while-collars in an attempt to express the difficulty to learn a major or the pressure of doing certain jobs.

Below is a full article titled你们真正伤不起的是学英语的啊!!!!!!!!啊!!… (You really cannot afford to hurt those who majored in English, ah!!!!!!!!Ah!!…)


I selected English as my major four years ago


It is a road with no return ah


Who told me that English is the most commonly-used language ah


What the f@ck can being the most commonly-used language do for me ah


TEM 8 is un-passable ah, isn’t it true (TEM 8 is the highest level of professional English exam for English majors in China)

谁再跟老娘讲英语是世界上最通用的语言老娘一张专八卷子拍 啊!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoever tells me again that English is the most commonly-used language in the world, I will shoot him dead with TEM 8 exam sheet ah


All girls majored English hope they are lesbian ah


Facing with hundreds of girls in the department and cannot make any use of them ah


Whenever a guy is in sight, rush, grab and hold ah


Even if his lower body is the same as Stephen Hawking’s ah


Girls with no dates can only watch TV dramas and dream about being part of it, or question why they are not homosexual ah, isn’t it true


Everybody can memorize the messy relationships in Gossip Girls by heart, isn’t it true


Even the middle-aged waiter at university cafeteria can make our eyes shine, isn’t it true


What is engineering department


It is not the department for engineers ah


It is the club of blind dates ah


Yet it exists in name only ah


Because none of the blind dates turn to a relationship ah


No matter what, people get parted, isn’t it true


English is not enough and we need to also learn a second foreign language ah


If you refuse and you are not allowed to graduate ah


All those second foreign languages are languages you cannot afford to hurt ah


German, French, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, isn’t there not


Everybody is roaring ah, isn’t it true


I am very unfortunate to choose German ah


Now I cannot even pronounce university correctly in English ah


I read it as “wu ni ver si ty” ah


The professor thinks I am reading pinyin in Chinese ah

啊!!!!!!!!!!!!!   啊!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah   ah


All other majors only need to pass CET 4 and CET 6 ah (CET is English exam for non-English majors)


And they can re-take the exam as many times as they want to in four years ah


TEM 4 and 8 for English majors only allow you take it twice ah


If you fail to pass TEM 4, you cannot graduate ah


If you want to re-take TEM 8, you need to wait until next year and buy your own tickets back ah


Rail plus flight and only for an exam that has nothing to do with how well you master English ah


Other languages make fun of the fact that English nouns have no gender ah


No masculine, no feminine, and no neither-masculine-nor-feminine ah


WFT is wrong with no gender ah


The same noun is countable in one occasion, but not countable in another ah


Firewood is uncountable ah


Wood is countable ah


Forest full of woods are also countable a


Animals and humans share the same word ah


Female ducks and babies are all ducks ah


It is animal and human in one ah


Isn’t it true, isn’t it true


WTF ah


Modern technology is as advanced as hell ah


Google makes all English-majored widows laid off ah


The first prize of English Speech Competition is from law school or engineer department ah


They score high on GRE and TOEFL and study nuclear science aboard and look upon those majored in English ah


English major in job market means no major at all ah


The old lady who sells buns in street also knows how to say bye-bye ah

民工的口头禅都是fuck shit啊!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Farmer workers now curse with F@ck and Sh@t ah


It is all bullshit ah, isn’t it ture, isn’t it true


English major is the major of bullshit ah


Isn’t it true


I will save the other 3 thousand words of complaint ah, isn’t there not

There are also “You cannot afford to hurt those who majored in German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Economics, Mathematics, History, Philosophy…and just about every major an university holds”.  There are also occupation-focused ones such as “You cannot afford to hurt those who are auditors, actuarials, i-bankers, editors, client managers, Taobao shop owners, and even online game addicts. Suddenly, you cannot afford to hurt anything.

In an extreme case, a guy even use roaring style to re-write 出师表 (chu shi biao), an essay written by a famous chancellor, Zhuge Liang (181-234), to his emperor during the Three Kingdoms period in Chinese history. You can find a translation of 出师表 here.

Here is a recording of a guy reading the “roaring” version of 出师表 in Chinese. You may not understand what he is saying, but I bet you will enjoy the vocal.

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