Chinese female students’ “Vagina Monologues” booed by netizens

Alia | November 8th, 2013 - 10:00 am

The Gender Action Group (a student group) of Beijing Foreign Studies University recently released a series of 17 photos of its female members’  “what my vagina says”. It’s to promote the group’s new play adapted from Eve Ensler’s famous Vagina Monologues.

By telling stories of the vagina, the group aims to call for respect for the “second sex,” as well as raising women’s own self-awareness.  The only problem? Chinese netizens thought that they went too far…and that these female students are ugly.  

“After looking at their faces, I have no interest in listening to what their vagina have to say.” Netizen 赵老师在狮城  commented. “Typically, the freedom of the vagina depends on the owners’ appearance.” Netizen 杜草原 commented. Another netizen zcz志 asked: “Can’t they find a few prettier ones to do this?”

Most netizens thought these girls have crossed a line. “This is so low. Don’ they have shame?” Netizen 猫人沃尔佛V commented. Another netizen 爱之123 added: “This is disgusting. Will these girls still have the ’face’ to live on?”

Netizen 爱琳只为你 explained why she has been annoyed: “I’m not sure about what they’ve been learning at school, but being open, free and international doesn’t mean making a big deal of their private parts.”

The irony is that these negative reactions themselves prove exactly the necessity of more feminist calls in China. 


 “My vagina says: ‘I have the say on who can get it.’”


“My vagina says: ‘I want respect.’”


“My vagina says: ‘I can be a slut, but you cannot harass me.’”


 “My vagina says: ‘I’m not a sensitive term.’”


“My vagina says: ‘I don’t give a damn to virginity.’”


“My vagina says: ‘Please don’t act in the name of love.’”


 ”My vagina says: ‘I want to be heard, be seen and be recognized.’”


  ”My vagina says: ‘Don’t bother me if you are not sincere.’”


  ”My vagina says: ‘She only listens to me.’”


  “My vagina says: ‘Open for business.’”


  “My vagina says: ‘Closed for business.’”


  “My vagina says: ‘Self-awareness and education are important.’”


  “My vagina says: ‘I craze for unlimited pleasure.’”


  “My vagina says: ‘I want freedom.’”


 ”My vagina says: ‘I want! I want it!.’”


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  2. Raul Marquez says:

    Kudos to these girls and their thoughts!
    It is fascinating to hear what they think.
    Each has her own personality.
    Thank you for this article.

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