Chinese consumers DIY medicine wraps in place of capsules to avoid potential toxic gelatin

Alia | April 17th, 2012 - 9:56 pm

Rage and condemnation skyrocked again in China when people learned that drugs in the country may kill instead of cure. CCTV Weekly Quality Monitor exposed that some drug capsule manufacturers in the country have been using industrial gelatin extracted from bleached waste leathers rather than up-to-standard edible gelatin. Such waster leather gelatin can cause cancer due to high concentration of chromium. [To see how waster leathers are turned into drug capsules, click here].

But rage and condemnation cannot solve consumers’ problems at hand – they still need to take medicines. In short of any official resolutions provided by the government or pharmaceutical companies, Chinese consumers, once again, are left with their own creativities to work out a plan. And they never fail to surprise.

A 4-step tutorial of how to DIY medicine wrap to avoid toxic drug capsules went viral on Sina Weibo, with tens of thousands of retweets within a day.

  1. Get a steamed bun or cake. Need to be warm and soft.
  2. Pinch a small piece hollow.
  3. Open the capsule and pour medicines into the wrap. Clutch it so that you can swallow. Better to make two balls with one capsule.
  4. Ok to go. But remember to make sure that the bun or cake you use is safe to eat (Well…check here for toxic steam buns in China)

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  1. [...] people work around the toxic drug capsules by DIY drug wraps using buns and cakes. But one netizen on Sina Weibo seems to find the ultimate solution. “I just [...]

  2. [...] Toxic drug capsules that are made of industrial gelatin extracted from waste leather scraps are the latest food scandal in China. The Chinese government has already arrested 9 and detained some 45 for the case. [...]

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