China, the Philippines, Mother’s Day and the Mother China

Alia | May 11th, 2012 - 8:59 pm

As the conflict between China and the Philippines over disputed Huangyan Island, aka, Scarborough Shoal accelerates, absurdity arises.

Earlier today, anti-China protesters were caught to disco dance outside the Chinese Embassy in Manila. On the same day, a video by Zanmin Sandpainting (a sandpainting training program in Beijing) with the title “Mother China, I need you! – Huanyan Island” was quietly shared among Chinese netizens, gaining over 90K hits in less than one day. Many netizens thought that the video sends out a powerful message.

Starting from 6’20” of the video

Referring home country as the “Mother Country” (祖国,母亲) has been typical of China’s nationalism propaganda. In fact, the character “组” (zu) in “祖国” (zu guo, meaning country) means ancestors. At the time of Mother’s Day, Zanmin’s marketing people really wants to play smart.

At the opening scene:

Love is tolerance and care

Love is trust and understanding

Love from the world is give and take

Love from a mom is selfless dedication

During the journey of growing up, the pure and selfless love from moms are the most powerful support.

– For 2012 Mother’s Day



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