China is 62% complete on route to reascend as world’s superpower

Alia | August 7th, 2012 - 2:09 am

How would an Italian measure how much of Renaissance has been completed in the 15th century? He can if he borrowed China’s renascent civilization index.

On August 3, at the 10th China Modernization Summit, Yang Yiyong, the Director of the Macroeconomics Institute of China’ National Development and Reform Commission presented a paper titled “To set up and track the index that monitors the re-ascending progress of the Chinese civilization”.

Back to historic glory?

What is a reascending Chinese civilization? As defined by the report, a re-ascending Chinese civilization is one that not only swings back to the glory China used to enjoy in ancient times, but also becomes cutting-edge in modern times. According to the report, China’s renascent score for 2010 was 0.6274, which means that the mission of restoring China’s historic glory is 62% complete.

And this is not even the whole story. According to Yang Yiyong, who came up with the index, when he reported a renascent score of 46% in 2007 to higher-ranking officials, the feedback was that the score was too low.

Yang YiyongFaced with waves of doubts about whether the re-ascending progress of a civilization is something quantifiable, Yang justified the calculation by saying that as long as reascending the Chinese civilization was set as a goal, it had to be quantifiable in order to claim a success in the future.

Were netizens excited about the fact that their country was 62% complete of re-emerging as a world superpower? The answer seemed to be yes because at least, 62% becomes a new internet meme. “The Chinese civilization has re-ascended 62%” has stayed on Sina Weibo’s Top Trending Topics for over 2 days now.

黄笑贤: “I was awaken by a text message when I was 62% into my sleep last night.”

张仙客: “Out for breakfast and now I’m 62% full.”

独孤鸿1957: “Just went over morning news. So 62%.”

彤言无忌花园: “Has summer already passed? Why I feel I only had 62% of my summer vacation.”

吸血鬼杀手: “The mission of enlarging the gap between the rich and the poor is 62% complete.”

幽壹 :”If it’s 62% back to Qing Dynasty, then I would agree. Look at all our fishmen being bulled overseas.”

昂导的微博: “Good day. I’m 62% happy today.”

脚尖-起舞: “Is this how he got 62%?(2012-1949)/(2050-1949)=62.376%.”

mlito: “The Chinese civilization is 62% complete to become the worst time throughout its history.  Food safety crisis, housing crisis, public trust crisis.”



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  3. Ben says:

    haha! I was going to make fun of the 62% as well, but I see the savvy Chinese beat me to it.

  4. enoch says:

    Ha! What funny Chinese! What a stupid idea to try to measure a fuzzy concept! The next you know some crazy idiot will come up with some crazy metric like the ‘Human Development Index’ or something like that.

  5. Someone thinks this story is hao-tastic…

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