CCTV anchor slip of the tongue: “The Philippines is Chinese territory.” Chinese netizens: “It’s not?”

Alia | May 8th, 2012 - 10:33 pm

May 7, CCTV anchor He Jia  had probably the biggest oops of her career. In an episode of news program 24 Hours that focused on the standoff between China and the Philippines in South China Sea, He Jia mistakenly said: “The Philippines is an inherent part of China’s territory and China has unquestionable sovereignty over the Philippines.”

 At 1:35

For those who are behind the Great Fire Wall, click here for a Youku version.

The video clip soon got viral on Sina Weibo and became the No.1 top tending topic. Immediately after it has gone viral, He Jia issued an apology on her Weibo account,

“May 7, 2012, when I was hosting 24 Hours, a program at CCTV News Chanel, I made a mistake that shouldn’t have happened. I mistakenly said “the Philippines” when I needed to say “the Huangyan Island”. Hereby, I sincerely apologize to all the audience and my co-workers! Sorry for all the trouble! A news anchor shoulders mountain-heavy responsibilities at every minute. From now on, I will work extra hard and carefully. Sincerely apologize!

So how do Chinese netizens react to the mistake? They respond with extreme nationalism, which isn’t first seen in the whole story of South China Sea conflict. An early post by us demonstrated that many Chinese netizens thought that the government has been too soft and should start a war with the Philippines.

No need to apologize:

杭正一: No need to apologize for speaking out the truth.

艾里克水ALEX: How can this be said wrong?  But anyways, what’s been said was said and it’s probably for the good. It may scare the Philippines into apologizing to us for messing near Scarborough Shoal (aka, Huangyan Island).

蔡子夫: No need for apologies. Instead, you should be a spokeswoman at Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

丁点大和NONO的家: You haven’t said anything wrong. Why apologize? I fully support you and you should be awarded for saying something like this.

It wasn’t a mistake at all:

太陽之歌_yt_1417: Doesn’t she speak the truth?

一个中文昵称: There is nothing wrong with what you said. The Philippines is an autonomous region of China.

峡谷奇葩: Finally someone dares to speak out the truth.

畢阿呆: You are a national heroin!

刘刚8233: Everybody thinks the same.

我真的无比肚饿: She speaks our hearts out.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs should take the same stand:

林囧7确实很帅: I hope our Ministry of Foreign Affairs  has such guts.

DavidSpain: The Philippines said that the Scarborough Shoal is located closer to them and thus belongs to them. The Philippines is actually located very close to China, too. Ministry of foreign Affairs should claim them all.

斯坦福桥守望者: During the years of Emporer Qian Long in Qing Dynasty, King of the Philippines used to ask to be included as part of Qing Dynasty, but was refused…


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4 Responses to “CCTV anchor slip of the tongue: “The Philippines is Chinese territory.” Chinese netizens: “It’s not?””

  1. Sara says:

    Disgusting brainwashed communist Chinese people… The Phillipines AREN’T yours!

  2. [...] in the same sentence seems odd to say the least. While He did apologize on Weibo for the slip, the comments below her apology speak volumes to the nationalistic sentiment that has built up around the [...]

  3. penoy says:

    Hahaha! Go ahead China! Claim the Philippines! Do the honors please… and good luck with the millions of slums migrating from Manila to Beijing, Hongkong and Shanghai… XDD

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