Baidu teaches you how to “learn from comrade Lei Feng”

Alia | March 6th, 2012 - 4:16 am

Lei Feng (click here to see what Wikipedia says about Lei Feng), a legendary PLA soldier in the 50s, was once a role model for selflessly serving the people in China. He devoted all his life helping others without leaving a name. He did, however, keep a diary of everything he did, and when people found out about it after his death, he became a national legend and model to learn from.  “Learn from comrade Lei Feng” was even written in text books. But in a GDP-oriented China where money triumphs morality, Lei Feng’s name hasn’t been mentioned for a long time.



This year, however, in a period of increasing instability in both social and political lives in China, Lei Feng is put under stoplight again and set as an example of what a “moral citizen” should be. Both online and offline media have been spinning the “Learn from comrade Lei Feng” propaganda all over again in full gear.

Baidu, China’s search engine giant, of course, needs to be part of the game. It seems that Baidu has Lei Feng’s footprint all over it. (click here to check orginal Weibo post from Baidu)

From Baidu Wiki:


From Baidu Map:


From Baidu Group:


From Baidu Knows:


From Baidu Experience:


From Baidu Space:


What netizens think about Baidu’s move?

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