Baidu on mission to save the planet on World Earth Day

Alia | April 20th, 2012 - 4:42 pm

Baidu released a “2012 end of the world” themed campaign for the coming World Earth Day on April 22. Their pitch is “2012 is not scary. What’s scary is that no one saves the planet.”

Enter “save the planet” (拯救地球) or “2012 end of the world” (2012世界末日) into Baidu, you will get a result page that is shaking and cracking with falling pieces. A few seconds later, a ticket flies out of the crack. It’s a ticket to the boat that will take you from the wounded earth to a cured one. The cost is your love for the world and you good will to protect it.

Click on the ticket and you will be lead to the page of the campaign, which shows a brown and heavily polluted earth and allows visitors to make a “save the planet” manifesto. As of the time of this post, over 170K have participated. The more participated, the greener the earth on the page will look.

Scroll down that page, there is also information introducing the earth’s environmental problems.

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