Are Chinese netizens happy about Tokyo Olympics win?

Alia | September 9th, 2013 - 3:51 am

At the breaking of the news, most Chinese netizens had their attention on their country’s most authoritative news agency Xinhua’s embarrassing mistake of reporting Istanbul as the winner to hold the 2020 Olympics. Now that they’ve had the time to digest the news, many couldn’t help but ask: “Will some of us call for a boycott of Tokyo Olympics?”

You bet. Like many netizens commented: “China is never short of mentally-retarded and hot-headed nationalists.”  Some netizens even imitated what might happen in a few years: “We will boycott 2020 Tokyo Olympics as long as the Japanese don’t apologize [for their crimes during World War II]. If you are a Chinese, share this information!”

2Given the complicated history and the current territory disputes between China and Japan, we will most certainly see similar messages gain momentum as the Tokyo Olympics come closer. But as of now, many Chinese netizens seem to be happy about Japan’s win, though for a very different reason from the Japanese.

梦遗唐朝, a popular grass-root celebrity on Weibo, China’s Twitter, commented: “…I, too, am happy that Tokyo will hold the Olympics, but only because the March of the Volunteers will be played countless times in Japan.”

Considering China’s recent track record of leading the medal tally in Olympics, it’s a very likely scenario, but the comment is much more about national pride. The March of the Volunteers is the national anthem of China, composed during the Second Sino-Japanese War. It was promoted among the Chinese population as part of the anti-Japanese resistance at the time. In a word, the song is a symbol of the Chinese people’s fight against Japanese invasion, and a reminder of what Japan has done to China during World War II.

The comment is now the No. 1 most popular post on Weibo, with more than 54,000 shares in less than a day. It’s popular because it speaks the mind of many.

#Tokyo Olympics win# is now a trending topic on Weibo. One of the top comments by netizen 梁东根 shared a similar sentiment: “The last thing I want to see is Japan winning the bid to host the Olympics, but it happened….Now what we need to focus on is how to make Chinese athletes stronger so that China’s national anthem can peal over the island country.”

Similar comments are many. Another netizen 一滴水的透明度 commented: “Let’s turn Tokyo Olympics into our home-field game. Let the Chinese national flag flutter , and the March of the Volunteers be resounded in Tokyo sky.”

On the flipped side, there were also Chinese netizens who thought that the Olympic Games should be free of politics: “Sports have no borders.”

One netizen 一土大人 ridiculed the above-mentioned reactions: “When the national anthems of Britain, France, Germany, the US, Japan, Russia , Italy and Austria were played at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, was it a celebration of Beijing’s invasion by the Eight-Nation Alliance?”

More interesting comments from the Chinese netizens to be continued…in 2020. 



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11 Responses to “Are Chinese netizens happy about Tokyo Olympics win?”

  1. 2020 is a long way off. I’m sure there will be increased island tensions way before that.

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  5. [...] Are Chinese netizens happy about Tokyo Olympics win? [...]

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  7. [...] This nationalistic stance is also observed among netizens’ comments, according to Offbeat China: [...]

  8. KalanStar says:

    How did Japanese netziens react to the announcement that the 2008 olympics would be held in Beijing? Lots of nationalist bullshit displaying their lack of historical knowledge like here in China? No, they are smarter than that.

  9. ph says:

    i hope they do boycott…then the CCP/PLA can’t exploit its citizens as a vehicle of nationalism “see world we won this many gold medals…you suck.” “hey chinese athlete you lost! how dare you disowner your ancestors!” tired of the crap. soooo tired of it.

    maybe the puppy mill chinese athletes go through will be toned down…

  10. Someone thinks this story is hao-tastic…

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