A coal baron in China spend 10 million yuan for a red Tibetan Mastiff – Netizens’ reaction

Alia | March 18th, 2011 - 4:29 am

How much would you pay for a puppy dog? An answer from a coal baron in China: 10 million yuan, approximately $2 million. “I bought it for fun.” commented the coal baron.

The dog is a 11 month old red Tibetan Mastiff, 80 cm in height, 1 meter in width and 80 kg in weight. It actually looks more like a over-hairy baby lion than a dog. In addition to the unbelievably high price tag, the dog also has very strict diet requirement. Don’t you dare to feed a $2 million day with dog foods! It eats beef and chicken, and as the coal baron, his new owner, claimed, “I feed it with sea cucumbers for better nutrition.” (FYI, sea cucumber is a very popular dish in China and, of course, very expensive. too.) The coal baron even hired a professional breeder for the Tibetan Mastiff, “I want to give it a great living environment in my home in Shanxi.”

The $2 million Tibetan Mastiff with his breeder

Comments on MOP:

They are rich. It is non of our business.

You can do what ever you want as long as you have the money

It is a crime. The government is so unfair.

Jealous, why I weren’t him.

This is what you do after exploiting cheap labor and natural resources? My heart is bleeding. This is what you get when someone is allowed to get rich first.

For fun? 10 million yuan can do so much good.

It is none of your business. You can buy whatever for fun if you have the money too.

Of course, the Mastiff is bought for fun, he surely won’t eat it.

The rich richer, the poor poorer. Such big gap. Damn the government.

What he bought was not the Mastiff, but “face” (status).

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